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The AMCON Culture

We do not build projects. We manage relationships. Our clients are our partners in the industry. The architects, engineers, contractors, and suppliers are our team mates. Our employees are our valuable assets. We treat each one with the respect, admiration, and courtesy that they most rightfully deserve. The fair and professional treatment of all our colleagues in the industry is entrenched in our culture and is essential to our development.

We believe that the success of a project depends on mutual respect and teamwork of all project participants. As the captain of the team, we take on a position of leadership but not superiority. Our corporate values of professionalism and credibility guide us in our efforts and inspire us to constantly improve ourselves and our system, with the ultimate goal of providing our clients with the best possible service in the industry.

Our diverse collection of expertise and experience enable us to render project management services better than anyone else. Our partnering approach to project management, together with the hands-on involvement of our Managing Partners in each project help ensure the success of all contracts and the satisfaction of every client.

We are AMCON & COMPANY, INC., your preferred partner in construction.